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When sobriety is not enough, recovery coaching by

Jason Umidi

As a pastor’s kid who has grown up in the church, I’ve had my fair share of Sunday services. However, none of them prepared me for the disappointments in life. We all have them, right? The relationship that didn’t work out. The dream job that never materialized, loss of your health or the death of a loved one. For most, it’s simply the dreams that never came into fruition. Church and its collection of “do’s & don’ts” for how to live your life didn’t soothe my broken soul. My faith faltered during my personal struggles, as the chronic pain from 5 spine fusion surgeries overwhelmed me and my bipolar depression left me empty and dead within. Instead, I found alcohol and prescription opioids & fentanyl to be a much better comfort.


After being clean and sober for a couple of years I was looking to share my journey on Facebook in hopes that someone might be encouraged by my story. This developed into short blog posts about addiction, recovery and hope, known as 'Today's One Minute Reads'


My book Jesus + Seltzer: Stories and Meditations on Sobriety and Recovery is a curated collection of my One Minute Reads.

Launched on August 14th 2022, you can order your copy at the link below. 


Togetherness. Authentic Relationships. Community. Transformational Conversations. Personal Growth.


Someone needs to hear Your perspective,

Your struggle, Your victory.

As you move and grow in the truth, embrace your story!

  • CBN Live Interview - 700 Club
    Tue, Sep 27
    CBN Live Broadcast
    Sep 27, 9:00 AM
    CBN Live Broadcast
    Jason Umidi (a pastor's son) shares his story of 5 back surgeries that led to 25 years of addiction to opioids and fentanyl washed down with alcohol. And how Jesus has restored him since he went to detox on Jan 10, 2017. Watch the full interview below: www1.cbn.com/video/SUV187_JasonUmidi_092722/a
    Sun, Sep 11
    Sep 11, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    ROAM, 210 Trilith Pkwy, Fayetteville, GA 30214, USA
    Official release of Jason Umidi's "Jesus + Seltzer" book, celebrating and reflecting on the sober lifestyle.


“You are very insightful. I always take something away with your One Minute Reads.”

Jennifer R.E.