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I have known Jason for over 30 years. I have read a great number of his devotional one minute reads. Jason writes very transparently. His book is encouraging, honest and healing. Anyone struggling with addictions or even wondering what it is like to struggle with addictions this book is for you. It leads you right to the cross in a way that invites healing and the ability to be honest and connect to the one that provides ultimate hope.

We live in a world where truth is an illusion. This book is filled with one truth after another. Jason lays it all out there. Whether you are an addict or someone who just struggling with life this book will be an inspiration to you. Gods love is enough and his Grace surpasses our own understanding. Thanks Jason for being so transparent. Truly an amazing book.

This book will bring you relief from the bondage of self and from the poison of additive thinking. Jason has been able to take his own experience and give his readers relief and hope. These 30 second meditations speak truth and encourage hope, while soothing the soul from the shame and confusion addictive behavior brings. I am so grateful I get to read it everyday when I wake up. Blessings to All.

I love that Jason is transparent in his day to day struggles. He loves Jesus and he still messes up. He gives practical advice about how to work through all that. If you are tired and worn, or know someone that is, read this book and be encouraged.

I use this book as a devotional. I read one page a day. The guys journey of getting and staying sober are encouraging and uplifting. He uses scripture in his book which is his main source of getting sober . Great book!

A gift of readings to recognize that you are not alone in recovering from addiction. These one minute reads allow one to quickly gain the needed support to continue with the daily process of keeping ones addiction behind them. Encouragement and understanding make this book the perfect companion.

Thought provoking. Great book and left me with lots to think about. Loved the quotes at each chapter. Takes guts to really tell your whole story.

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