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I believe we are not here on earth for our own story but for the story of someone else. Someone needs to hear Your perspective, Your struggle, Your victory.

As you move and grow in the truth, embrace your story!


Togetherness. Authentic Relationships. Community. Transformational Conversations. Personal Growth.

Are you stuck on the merry go round of addiction? Are you tired of the feelings of shame and guilt? Has your life collapsed, and you need a way up out of the pit?

As a certified recovery and life coach who has been sober since 1.10.17, my mission is to connect with those living with their addictions to experience the fullness of their God given destiny through a relationship that empowers one to find redemption & restoration for their life.




Two Pens

1 hr

On The House

Addictions. Relapse. Sobriety. It's all part of the recovery process. In our initial session together, I will get to know you, your goals and offer my personalized approach to help you stay on track. Should you decide to work with me as your accountability partner, I will help you develop the tools & skills necessary to aid in your recovery journey. 


1 hr

10 Session Program

Get in touch to schedule your 10 session program with me.

Always curated to suit you, individually.

Sessions have a base rate of $100 per hour. Discounted package deals and payment plans are available. I am always willing to work with your budget to aid in your recovery journey.


"Working with Jason has been the thing that brings hope to my situation. I know a new beginning is possible."


"Jason has helped me see things from a completely different perspective. I look at things in a way I never knew would be possible."


"Every session with Jason has been an opportunity for me to work towards the person I want to be, with the perfect person as my guide."

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