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If there is no wind, row. Latin proverb.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Simple and yet profound to me. Over the years I’ve had great conversations with one of my good friends about prayer and

why so often it appears that they go unheard or unanswered and he’d always follow up with… “yes but God gave us a brain”.

At times, I’ve been the type to sit in the boat praying for wind and wondering why I’m not moving when all along the oars are

right by my side. For me, prayer alone did not lift my addictions. I just couldn’t get over the hump so to speak until I decided

to go “all in”. Getting clean and sober didn’t happen until I took advantage of all the tools around me. Detox, meetings,

disciplined thinking, humility and fellowship with others finally laid the foundation to my sustained sobriety. I’ve learned

over the years to move past the disappointments with God. To be at peace with a life that is different than what I expected or

felt that I deserved. To accept the Good the Bad and the Ugly has been life changing! Today I’m rowing while still praying

for wind.

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