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Dreams that we gave up long ago can now become realities. Narcotic’s Anonymous Basic text, p.71.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

During the addictive years when both alcohol and opioids dominated my life I no longer believed in dreams. In fact, as I

wallowed in the depths of my despair I had forgotten how to believe. I felt zero hope for my life, and I believed the lie that I

was destined to live this way the rest of my days. As my addictions continued to rob me of my sanity, I began to believe that

my life was meaningless and perhaps those around me would be better off without me. The longing for this life to end, to be

free from the bondage of alcohol and opioids I saw suicide as a reasonable escape. The shame and guilt were overwhelming

as I tried to reflect on the mess that I had made of my life. Where had everything gone wrong? Why couldn’t I make better

decisions? To choose life instead of death? I related to what King David wrote in Psalm 42:6, “O my God, my soul is in

despair within me...” I wish I could say that God came down and instantly took away all my pain and restored to me all that I

had lost but that’s not been my experience. Instead, I had to put in the work, take those first steps of faith towards sobriety by

checking into detox and taking responsibility for the choices that I’d made. Out of the gift of this sober lifestyle I’ve

reconnected with the spirit within me, and I’ve been given the opportunity to dream again. My life is full of the joy of my

salvation and the gift of gratitude permeates my entire being. I no longer believe the lie that life is meaningless! Despair no longer haunts me. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and the journey ahead of me is filled with optimism as I begin to

dream big dreams. Today may the creator God restore you, perfect you, strengthen you and establish you! Do not despair,

God is not finished with you yet!

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